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I’ve noticed that there is an overabundance of blogs devoted to the chemical arts and you may be wondering, “why is he adding one more into the mix?”  The answer…I have nothing better to do with my time other than get ready for my candidacy exam in February ’07, work in the lab, and talk to people through an interesting and amusing medium.  So what will I desire to talk about????

 I feel that although there are some wonderful websites out there devoted to all things scientific and synthetic, I think that someone needs to be talking about the basics and the journal articles that avoid them.  On top of that, I think that I want to talk about some interesting research and I hope that some of you out there feel the same way.  If you don’t then I could care less, I’m still going to post something interesting.  Furthermore, I think that a lot of you posting across the internet are in the same position that I am in.  You’re in grad school, trying to make your reactions work and are taking it one day/article/experiment/prep at a time, working toward your ultimate goal of graduating and figuring out what in God’s name you’re going to do after all of this excitement. 

 Please note the sarcasm….here I’ll give you a minute….

 So, after some simple small talk, I’ll leave you with my first molecule/paper of interest.



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