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Second Years Unite December 10, 2006

Posted by thwalls in Blogroll.

It has been at least one full moon since I’ve updated this and I think that I’m totally justified in my absence.  I’ve got about two months now until my Candidacy/Proposal Exam and I’m starting to feel the pressure just a little bit.  Since I am a Med/Synthetic Student I have to know the reactions, which aren’t too bad, along with the medicinal reasoning and biological jargon…which sucks.

 I can understand Chemical Experiments where you combine A and B to get C.  You can then go on to explain why you chose A and B as your starting reagents.  But when trying to figure out how a sodium channel works the biologists won’t tell you why exactly they chose Saxamaxaaflaxataxatoxin Q1 to block the sodium channel in it’s resting state by binding to the outer portion of the S1 subunit.  Or why they used the squeezings of a scorpion to effect something or other in the active transporter of the neuron.  So that seems to be the hold up right now.

I can’t wait for March.



1. River - January 9, 2015

Pleasing you should think of sotmheing like that

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