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C & EN, November, 20… Vol. 1 November 23, 2006

Posted by thwalls in Blogroll.

So I assume that all of you opened up your mailbox and with eager fingers began looking through your latest edition of C&EN news this week.  Lately I’ve been finding the business aspects kind of gloomy, what with certain chemical companies cutting back (Merck, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.) but hey, the Japanese market is booming, so I guess I’ll just have to move. 

Two articles made me think, one concerning the shipment of chemicals and the other concerning the passing of a new “Animal Terrorism” Bill. 

The articles one chlorine containment and shipment and the general shipment of hazardous materals was interesting.  I really have never thought about how they bring me my Ethylacetate and as long as they kept it coming, I didn’t care.  But when you think about it, there’s a lot of “stuff” getting moved around that is pretty nasty and oh so unfriendly.  They referenced the derailing of some chlorine containers spilling gaseous chlorine into the open on a metric ton scale.  That would be pretty bad, especially if it happened to my shipment of chlorine that I needed for a reaction. 

Also, the animal terrorism bill leaves something to be desired since it points out that it is illegal to enter a laboratory and set free the animals, nor is it legal to harass a scientist or the family of a scientist because of his or her research.  Hmmm…I thought that this was already illegal.

 On top of that, several animal activist groups (go online and you shall find many) claim that this is infringement of free speech and parts of first ammendment rights.  I’m all about the humane treatment of animals, in and out, of the lab.  But it’s a shame when specific laws like these need to be addressed because some people can’t see the bigger picture.   Though, I will agree that some animal research is useless, but coming from a med lab, it comes with the territory, so bring on the rats baby.


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